Mac Hawbaker

Who am I?

My time on this earth has been blessed with many opportunities. Those opportunities have provided me with a wealth of knowledge and experience across multiple professions. A professional poker player, a director of marketing on an international scale, a private security contractor, a personal trainer – I’ve done it and everything in between.

I am a Life and Wellness Coach with 20+ years of experience. Through my practice, L12 Coaching, I help people transform their lives with tools and techniques specifically tailored to their unique personalities. We work together to foster positive habits and encourage healthy, cognitive changes. Together, we strive to improve all aspects of their life including work-life balance, relationships, self-esteem, anxiety management, nutrition habits, weight management, mental toughness, and leadership skills.  

I am a classically trained actor with experience in film, commercials, voice acting, live event hosting, and theatre. Additionally, I am an accomplished writer, director, and producer of multiple theatrical, film, and audio productions.

I am a writer: A Screenwriter – A Playwright – An Author. It feels like I’m always writing, re-writing, or editing something. Currently, I’m working to develop several, completed screenplays and stage plays. I am also in the process of writing two books, a self-help book and a fantasy fiction novel based on a limited TV series I wrote.

I host the Subjectively Objective Podcast. The show is centered on health, wellness, and self-improvement. It was created in an effort to help others through the exchange of ideas, knowledge, and life experiences. The Subjectively Objective Podcast can be found on YouTube, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, PodBean, or your preferred podcast platform.

I have learned so many wonderful things from so many wonderful and talented people. I strive to repay that debt by helping others reach their full potential.